About Me

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, attended UC Berkeley undergraduate, majored in Economics and English, and then went to law school at Hastings University. I practiced law for seven years, but during this time recognized that my true passion was medicine. I attended UC San Francisco for medical school. I have never regretted the decision to return to school, and feel that it's never too late to follow your dream! I practice emergency medicine, and also actively engage in work and advocacy, both at Kaiser Permanente and in the community. My focus is in the areas of psychiatric care for individuals in mental health crisis, reproductive health care, and addressing the epidemic of prescription opioid abuse, misuse and diversion. I live in SW Portland with my husband and two children. In my spare time, I love to travel, hike, read and spend as much time as possible with my family.

About my practice

I am an emergency department physician practicing at both Sunnyside and Westside Medical Centers where I see patients with all types of conditions. Having experienced care in emergency departments myself and with family members, I always try to keep in mind how it feels to be a patient. I try to explain what is happening to members and their families, because I know that it can be a scary and often frustrating experience not knowing what is happening. I do additional work in the area of psychiatric emergency services, with a focus on helping individuals coming to the emergency department in mental health crisis.

How I thrive

I thrive when I am able to spend time with family, travel, spend time in nature, and read mysteries. I volunteer doing advocacy work providing services to help individuals in greatest need have access to care. I am proud to have been awarded the OMA's "Doctor-Citizen of the Year" award.