About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page.


I've lived in many places in the world, but did most of my medical training in Chicago.

About my practice

My practice focuses on sleep medicine. Here at the Los Angeles Medical Center, we deal with the sleep lab team treats all sleep disorders from common obstructive sleep apnea to complex cases like central sleep apnea and sleepwalking. Because of this, patients end up almost always not only meeting me but also dealing with team members of the sleep lab. From the schedulers to the technicians to the sleep manager to myself, we are dedicated to providing you patients with the highest quality of care possible. Sleep medicine is a relatively new field with many confusing tests and therapies available. We will help you deal with not only To help you with your particular sleep problem, we provide treatments as well as but also give you educational tools and resources.

How I thrive

In terms of my own wellness, I try to exercise two to three days a week, and I always take the stairs at our medical campus.