About Me

Hi, and welcome to my Web page. I'm happy to introduce myself, and I hope the information here makes it easier to choose the Kaiser Permanente physician who is right for you


I am an Inland Empire native, born at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana and raised in Riverside, where I now live with my family. I went into medicine as a career because I enjoy the satisfaction of helping people get the most out of life. In my opinion, psychiatry is one of the most powerful ways of doing that. Though most of my work has been in general psychiatry, I also have a background in treating patients with addictions. In 2009, I joined the staff at Kaiser Permanente because I believe it to be one of the most effective health care organizations in the country.

About my practice

I am an adult psychiatrist, and I enjoy working with our team of well-trained professionals and friendly support staff. I practice whole-person medicine, caring for the wellness of your mind, body, and spirit and helping you enjoy your relationships with those around you. That means working closely with our therapists for a comprehensive approach to mental health care, which usually involves much more than just psychiatric medication. Kaiser's electronic health record helps me quickly coordinate your treatment plan with all of your other caregivers.

How I thrive

When I am not working, I try to get the most out of life by spending time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors, traveling, jogging, and giving time to my church. I believe in showing love and respect for those around us by giving back to the community, and by conserving our resources, protecting the environment we all share. I get a full night's sleep, I take the stairs at work, and I avoid sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time. I also try to keep a healthy sense of humor and humility, and encourage my patients to do the same.