About Me

I am a Colorado native. I came to practice medicine after a career in firefighting. Funny thing is, when I started that career, I was in to the firetrucks not the medicine. I pursued my FF1/FF2 and wildland firefighting certificates, and added EMT training to help out in the ambulance occasionally. That blossomed into a strong interest in health and disease which eventually led me to my perfect career, physician assistant.

About my practice

I work as a team with our specialists, pharmacists and others to coordinate my patients care. I treat people like family and friends. I listen to learn your perspective and to understand your specific concerns. I strive for compassion and keep you involved in decision making. If you need something different, then simply let me know and we will discuss the pros and cons to make the best choices. Let's work together as a team, and utilize the tools provided here at Kaiser Permanente to optimize your care. My patients have a better understanding of their health because they can access their medical record, prescription information and lab results at kp.org.

My side interest is holistic medicine. Although I practice primarily western medicine day to day, I do support and study eastern modalities, and I believe that things like meditation and dosa nutrition can be as healing as a prescription in some cases.

How I thrive

I enjoy spending time pursuing my interests. These include Ayurvedic medicine and yoga, soccer, and ranching. In addition to my wonderful dogs and cats, we own six horses and I compete in multiple horse events throughout the year. We also raise beef cows. Depending on what time of year it is, the size of our herd varies between about 40 to 80 cows, calves, yearlings, and bulls. If you see me in the early springtime, ask to see a picture of the new babies. Additionally, I hope to get involved in some medical mission trips, to improve my Spanish and to better serve our community.