About Me

I was raised in the Midwest and moved to Oregon to work as a Hospitalist at Kaiser Permanente in 1998. I chose to practice medicine because I wanted to help people. I chose to work as a hospitalist because I like being able to help solve complex medical problems.

About my practice

Two years ago, I decided to work all nights. My job is to admit people to the hospital, to provide medical care for acutely ill patients before and after surgery and to respond to any emergencies that occur in the hospital at night. While I miss the chance to form close connections with my patients, I do enjoy being able to help care for patients at some of their most vulnerable moments.

How I thrive

I thrive by maintaining close connections with my family and friends. I ski, hike and bicycle ride on a regular basis. We recently moved from the city to a small farm. I spend most of my leisure time out of doors taking care of our farm. We have gardens and animals and are in the process of removing invasive plants and restoring native habitat on our property.