About Me

I grew up in a small coal mining town in Carbon County Pennsylvania. I joined the United States Army to help pay for my medical education and moved to the West Coast for my residency in diagnostic radiology at Letterman Army Medical Center on the Presidio of San Francisco. I served on active duty for more than seven years; my service included a deployment to Saudi Arabia, where I served as a radiologist during Desert Storm. I became familiar with philosophy and ideals of Kaiser Permanente medicine while living in the Bay Area, and my desire to practice medicine with Kaiser Permanente brought me to Portland. My partner, an avid gardener, and I met while in medical school in 1982. We feel fortunate to have called Portland our home since 1993.

About my practice

During my service as a Co-Chief of the Radiology Department in the early 90's, I helped to develop the following statement of purpose:"We believe the purpose of the Northwest Permanente Radiology Department is to provide the highest quality imaging service possible to our patients and clinicians at Kaiser Permanente Northwest. In delivering care, we also expect to provide an environment where we can develop ourselves and support our colleagues in their development, and strive for a balance of a rewarding clinical practice and a rewarding home life." I am proud of my Department and the excellent work we do each day.

How I thrive

I appreciate the quality and abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables in our area. Although I don't "diet", I do watch what I eat and pay attention to my portions. A couple of years ago, I discovered a book, "The Courage To Start:: A Guide To Running For Your Life", that inspired me to begin running, and I have found that I actually enjoy running. I also work out at a local gym. As I enter "middle age", I have learned that the combination of a healthy diet and physical activity has helped me thrive.