About Me

It is my pleasure to offer this Web page as a means of understanding more about me and my practice. I am very fortunate to be part of Kaiser Permanente, a health care system that I believe provides the very best medical care, service, and compassion to its members. My colleagues and I in the family practice department work together with all the ancillary personnel, from the nursing staff to the receptionists, striving to treat each and every patient with dignity and respect.


I was born and raised in New Jersey, but moved to California in 1972. After I met my wife in Los Angeles, I decided to complete my family practice residency and raise our four children in Southern California. The temperate climate with easy access to the beach and mountains made my decision easy.

About my practice

I have spent over 30 years in the clinical practice of medicine. During this time I have taken care of many multigenerational families. Although many of my patients have grown old with me (the oldest is now 102), I enjoy the challenge and opportunity to take care of members from diverse backgrounds and ages. I feel honored that patients have entrusted me to be their primary care provider and I strive hard to be available and approachable, no matter what concerns a patient may have.

How I thrive

I enjoy traveling to foreign countries for a better understanding of culture and history. My last three trips have been to Israel, Poland, and Japan. I always find time to exercise, whether on my stationary bicycle or outdoors. I love swimming, reading fiction, and spending time with my children and grandchildren. I try to practice what I preach in the office--a balanced lifestyle of exercise and work with a healthy low fat diet.