About Me

I am originally from Stamford, CT, a suburb of New York City. After going to college in Baltimore, I moved back to Connecticut for medical school. Everything about medical school was fascinating and exciting, but by far the most satisfying and fun was working with kids. I loved watching kids grow up and spent a lot of time learning about how they grow and develop. I stayed in Connecticut to do my residency in pediatrics with some concentration in child development and behavior. My first job after residency was in a teaching clinic in Hartford, CT. I saw kids from the inner city and taught medical students and residents about caring for children. In 1998, I came to work for Kaiser Permanente in Vancouver. In the past 13 years I have met and gotten to know 1000s of children and families in Vancouver. It is a pleasure to get to know families and help them meet the challenges of growing up, life and health.

About my practice

I am a generalist pediatrician, first and foremost, I see and take care of whatever issues come to my office. But my first love is helping parents support their child's growth and development throughout the child's life. I am happy to share my knowledge and understanding of child development and behavior with parents, grandparents, students; anyone who is interested in discussing it. Children may have medical problems, some pretty serious, but they still need the support and guidance to grow and learn in all areas of their life. I do not want the medical issues to interfere with that and try to help parents raise the strongest and most resilient child they can.  

How I thrive

I thrive by eating well, doing yoga, walking and other exercise and by being with my wife. We enjoy seeing our four adult children when they are around and love doing family vacations each summer. My favorite activity, by far, is reading. I love reading about many topics. I read fiction, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, the classics and history (especially medieval history lately). I incorporate everything I read and learn into my life and work. I am a strong believer that no knowledge is ever wasted and am thrilled to be able to connect a patient's question to some information from post-barbarian Rome or the Renaissance.