About Me

I was born and raised in Indiana and subsequently moved to New York City, where I spent over a decade completing medical school, residency training, and starting the early part of my career as a radiation oncologist.

I was drawn to radiation oncology as a unique specialty that allows me to combine my scientific interests in physics, cancer biology, and the advanced technical aspects of treatment delivery with the human aspects of caring for patients in some of their most trying life moments.

I sought to join Kaiser Permanente quite simply because it allows me to practice with the best interests of patients as my primary focus, as opposed to non-patient related concerns that often dominate current practice environments.

About my practice

I strive to take a balanced approach in the treatment of my cancer patients with the aim of aggressively treating their disease while maintaining mindfulness of their quality of life, both during and long after the conclusion of their treatment.

The integrated care delivery model which Kaiser Permanente offers is particularly valuable in my practice as an oncologist. As a radiation oncologist, I work closely with surgical and medical oncologists to optimize treatment of our cancer patients. The Kaiser Permanente system allows us to co-manage our patients seamlessly, which translates to overall better patient care.

I am fortunate to have trained using the latest techniques in radiation oncology including stereotactic radiosurgery with linac and Gamma Knife, stereotactic body radiotherapy, HDR breast and gynecological brachytherapy, intensity modulated radiation therapy, and image guided radiation therapy, all of which I regularly encompass into my practice. 

How I thrive

I am dedicated to continually expanding my medical knowledge and staying current with developments in oncology. I strive to read oncology related publications daily.

Outside of oncology, I enjoy exercising most days of the week, traveling, and listening to good music.