About Me

Welcome to my Web page. My name is Eddie. Thank you for taking some time to learn more about my practice.


I was born in Korea and graduated from Yonsei University Medical School. I became a doctor to follow my father's footsteps. I completed my internal medicine residency and geriatric fellowship in Chicago, learning how much compassion it takes to take care of the elderly. I joined Kaiser Permanente in 2005 and I feel that I am fulfilling my higher purpose here.

About my practice

As part of our continuing care service, I visit nursing facilities and homes to provide the care that our members may need after a stay at the hospital. Some members may need rehabilitation, custodial care, continuous assistance, or comfort-oriented service.

How I thrive

I live a healthy, balanced life by appreciating my colleagues, staff, and members to whom I provide care. I am thankful for every minute of it.