About Me

Hello! My name is Dr. Michael P. Lin and I am a reconstructive plastic surgeon at Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center.


I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I am a Steelers fan. I attended college in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania, where I earned a BSE/MSE in computer science. Later I went to medical school at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore and completed a plastic surgery residency at the Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Institute at UC Irvine. I decided to become a plastic surgeon because I enjoy the creativity, detailed nature, and aesthetic aspects of reconstruction of the human body. I feel that reconstructive surgery provides great functional and psychological benefits to my patients, and can significantly improve quality of life.

About my practice

In my practice, I strive to bring the highest quality care to my patients. My patients' safety, comfort, and satisfaction with surgery are my utmost priorities. I want my patients to know I care for each and every one of them individually.

How I thrive

To thrive, I eat healthy with good portion control, and I work out at the gym several times a week.