About Me

I was born and raised in New York City and attended New York Medical College for medical school. I then made my first big move, traveling to the misty and cool Pacific Northwest to start an internal medicine internship. I stayed on for residency and a cardiovascular fellowship, all at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon. After many great years, but less-than-ideal winters, I saw the light and took the opportunity to chase the sun to Maui. As one of two sons of Indian immigrants to this country, I was fortunate to have parents who valued education, hard work, and who instilled in me an appreciation of family and friends. These have been guiding forces in my life, both personally and professionally.

About my practice

Having an early interest in the human condition and traveling the world as a backpacker over the years, I developed an appreciation for the central role that health and wellness play in the productivity and happiness of communities. This is what inspired me to choose medicine as a young adult.

Combating heart disease – the leading cause of death worldwide – is critical in helping us live long and healthy lives. This specialty requires a commitment to lifelong learning on the part of the practitioner, a challenge that I welcome.

To remain current in medicine and in my field, I refer to medical textbooks and journals. I also attend professional conferences and continuing education programs.

My introduction to Kaiser Permanente occurred during my training in the Pacific Northwest. I was impressed by the organization’s health care delivery system and the quality of care it provides. Kaiser Permanente has been in Hawaii for many decades and is deeply invested in the health and wellness of its people. The organization’s desire to be innovative and its care of the community is very evident.

I consider myself a personal consultant to my patients, helping them to navigate the health care system and to clarify their health and life goals. I aim to provide them expert teaching and care as we develop a long-term relationship. If I understand my patients’ life stories and meet the people who are most important to them, I can begin to gain a better understanding of them outside of their illnesses. This helps me know them as part of the larger ʻohana in which we’re all connected.

How I thrive

After many years in Oregon, I have an interest in rock climbing and spending time outdoors. In the present leg of my life's journey, I’m turning my attention to surfing, astronomy, and cooking. And of course, Maui no ka oi!