About Me

Growing up in a military family exposed me to the diversity and adaptability of people. With six siblings, I also learned many hard lessons about boundaries! I aspired to become a listener and a problem solver. I also yearned to help those in need and I embraced emotions. This is why I chose a profession that helps others.

About my practice

I am energized by my work as a psychotherapist. My goal is to make every session count. I am intrigued by, and respectful of, the human psyche and the courageous strategies people develop to cope with life's difficulties and surprises. At Kaiser Permanente, I work with adults, groups of adults and families. In my past employment, I gained significant knowledge about local community resources for many needs. I am also experienced in psychiatric emergency and crisis intervention.

How I thrive

In my leisure time, I maintain a running and walking regimen for fitness. In each of the past three years, I have participated in three 5Ks for community benefit, including the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk. I occasionally volunteer with Hands On Atlanta®, Habitat for Humanity® and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. I also enjoy reading, crocheting, nurturing plant life and Monday morning "quarterbacking" for a variety of sports. I enjoy the challenges and rewards of maintaining family connections.