About Me

Hi. Members call me Dr. Diaz. I hope this introduction helps you decide to have me be your child's pediatrician.


I was born and raised in Southern California. I grew up in San Diego, not far in fact from Vandever Medical Offices. I earned my bachelor's, my master's and my medical degrees from UC San Diego. I trained for my career in general pediatrics at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. I am passionate about making sure our communities are safe for kids to play in.

About my practice

I am passionate about preventive medicine. I am a big believer that kids should be outside playing under the sun, whether running/hiking, swimming, or riding their bikes, and getting dirt under their fingernails whenever possible. I am very concerned about the trend toward kids spending more and more of their free time on personal electronic devices and social media and the effect this will have on kids’ emotional and social development in the future.

How I thrive

I practice mindfulness meditation regularly. I also practice Brazilian jiujitsu twice a week. My family and I love to camp and ride our bikes at the beach. We try to eat as healthily as possible and get plenty of sleep.