About Me

I am a native of Nebraska and transplanted myself to Portland, Oregon, 13 years ago, as both my adult son and daughter chose Portland as their permanent home. My career years in the service of mental health clients have been greatly rewarding, as working with clients to determine their care needs has often resulted in my being inspired by their motivation and spirit to thrive, despite their issues. In my spare time, I enjoy family get-togethers, and I'm an avid reader of novels and biographies, plus political, psychiatric and philosophical works.

About my practice

I work full time as a clinical assessment therapist in Kaiser Permanente's Mental Health department, with my primary duties completing phone triages with new patients to help determine their needs and acuity levels. I then arrange for their treatment accordingly. I enjoy and love my work with the variety of clients who seek mental health or psychiatric treatment through Kaiser Permanente.

How I thrive

Though my physical limitations have me tootling along with the aid of a walker, I find sufficient exercise and freedom of movement in swimming once or twice a week at my local gym. I truly thrive, though, with the love of my family and friends. When things aren't exactly smooth in my life, I like to remember that love makes eternity a necessity!