About Me

I'm a Colorado native born and raised in Fort Collins. I've had a passion for medicine as long as I can remember -- my favorite childhood TV show was "Trapper John M.D." I hope to rub off my passion for medicine onto my son and daughter but a career in aviation following my husband would not be bad either.

About my practice

My philosophy in medicine is the patient and physician as a team. I believe in offering all reasonable options and supporting the patient in a decision, reminding patients that they can change their mind at anytime. Medicine should be practiced as an art and not a science. No one treatment can work for everyone. I have a passion for adolescent and teen medicine working to improve self awareness and confidence during these hard ages.

How I thrive

I thrive as a mom, wife, daughter, sister, physician, and athlete in that order. I'm a competitive triathlete racing all over the world, and I enjoy yoga to bring me back into myself. I'm a member of a book club forcing me to "read out of the box" and I love the conversations that stem from this.