About Me

I was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Georgia over 25 years ago. I am married to a wonderful gentleman and we have two great children and a niece who lives with us. Our son, who graduated from Morehouse, is a teacher in Massachusetts, and our daughter and niece are both currently in college.

Midwifery was the profession of choice for me because of its philosophy to provide medical care and health education for female patients. As a midwife, my focus is to empower our members in regards to their health care, maintenance and prevention.

About my practice

As part of the Kaiser Permanente Ob/Gyn Department, I work to provide high-quality care to our Kaiser Permanente members. I have always found joy in my job, which is both demanding and very rewarding.

I, and the majority of our family in California, are life-long Kaiser Permanente members. As a young lady, the care I received from a health care provider during one visit shaped my outlook about the type of provider that I wanted for myself and the type of provider I would eventually become.

How I thrive

Michael Jackson said it best in a song, "I do not speak of that which I will not do." I gain balance through prayer, being with family, exercise, reading, traveling, quiet time, cooking, baking and gardening.

My community involvement includes being co-founder of a parent/youth resource center and a women's outreach ministry. I love people and the relationships that can be built and sustained. I have also received my master's degree in education. Life is wonderful and that comes with having balance and a job that I love.