About Me

I moved to Colorado in elementary school and quickly took up snowboarding, backpacking, camping and hiking. I attended the University of Colorado for both my undergraduate and medical education before moving to New Orleans to complete my residency in internal medicine. I spent an extra chief year in New Orleans focused on medical education and was honored to win a teaching award from the medical students. I moved back to Colorado to share all that Colorado has to offer with my family.

About my practice

I chose to practice hospital medicine because I consider myself a jack of all trades. I enjoy caring for all adult patients admitted to the hospital. I emphasize medical education and evidence-based medicine in my practice. I consider the care of hospitalized patients to be a team-based practice involving physicians, nurses, staff and, most importantly, the patient and their family. All team members need to provide input and agree to the care plan for it to be successful. I strive to give patients ownership of their health care, so they can advocate for themselves when they leave the hospital.

How I thrive

I live by the “I’m third” philosophy – morals and ethics first, others second, I’m third.