About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page! I am a psychiatrist who works with adults. Thank you for your interest in learning more about me and my practice. I strive to be a compassionate physician and do my best every day to help my patients and their families. I hope this page will help you begin to get to know me, and I hope we establish a lasting, professional relationship based on trust and mutual respect.


I am originally from the enchanted land of India. Medical school was a natural choice for me, as I was brought up by very caring, selfless parents who instilled in all their children a strong sense of caring and giving to others. I graduated from medical school as the valedictorian of my class. I felt best suited for psychiatry because it is a field that demands a high level of understanding and caring for people in need of emotional support. I believe strongly that when I help a person with his or her mental health, I help his or her loved ones as well.

About my practice

I feel grateful to be able to practice at Kaiser Permanente, where I can readily coordinate your care with your therapist, your primary physician, and any other appropriate caregivers, thanks in part to our electronic medical records system. I work closely with the therapists to provide a comprehensive, well-rounded approach to treating mental illness beyond just the use of prescription medicines. I hope you find my services helpful, whether you already are a patient of mine or are thinking of starting a therapeutic alliance with me.

How I thrive

I strive daily to maintain a healthy balance between work and fun in my life. I try not to preach to patients what I do not practice myself. I really work to the best of my ability to keep a healthy diet, exercise, get a good night’s restful sleep, and have other healthy habits/hobbies like playing golf. Spirituality is a very important and anchoring component of my everyday personal life. Looking at the big picture, and where my small presence fits in the universe, keeps me humble and grounded. Sleep is the best medicine, followed by laughter, I believe. I volunteer in my local community to educate people about mental illness and address misconceptions about it. Instilling and maintaining hope is integral to my personal and professional success.