About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. I work in home-based palliative care, and I have been with Kaiser Permanente since July 2008.


I was born in India. My maternal grandfather had a profound influence on me while I was growing up; he had a strong desire for at least one of his grandchildren to go into medicine. I am happy that I chose to become a doctor. I am happily married and have four young children: two daughters and twin boys, who keep us very busy at home. For relaxation, I enjoy reading fiction and nonfiction books and listening to National Public Radio. I am currently taking tennis lessons; I love to exercise.

About my practice

I work in the home-based palliative care program with other physicians, nurses, and social workers. Together as a team we do our best to provide high-quality care to members in their homes. I find my role rewarding since I'm able to provide comfort to people.

How I thrive

Exercise helps me to relieve stress and stay healthy. I exercise for at least 150 minutes a week, going to the gym and also jogging. I love playing with my children and also enjoy traveling, and I am trying to meditate these days.