About Me

A Boston native, I have had an interest in science since my college years, when I majored in physics. As a graduate student, I worked on environmental education sailing vessels and studied the flow of blood, earning a master’s degree in biomedical engineering at the University of California, Davis. When I went to medical school I was immediately captivated by hematology, the study of blood diseases, both in the science and in the relationship built with patients. At Kaiser Permanente, I specialize in hematology.

About my practice

My practice is focused primarily on hematology, including diseases such as lymphoma and leukemia, as well as certain non-malignant diseases of the blood. Our department is committed to providing the best care available to our patients, and one of my major goals through the process is continuous strong communication. There are many diseases for which outcomes could be improved, and I am committed to making sure our patients have clinical trials available in these situations.

How I thrive

I am a runner, a mountain biker, and a rock climber, and I take every opportunity to go to the woods or the mountains with my wife, son, and daughter. When possible, I still enjoy taking out a little boat. I spent my years in training in California exploring the Sierra as well as the local mountains and coasts, and I look forward to doing more exploring in Oregon.