About Me

I was born on Oahu and grew up in Kaneohe. After attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I went to the mainland for medical school, residency, and a fellowship, always with the intention to return home to practice and spend my adult life. My parents have been my inspiration, successfully raising three children and instilling in them a strong work ethic, the value of perseverance, and a deep sense of family. I returned to Hawaii so that my children, too, may benefit from their influence.

About my practice

My decision to go into medicine stems from a lifelong interest in science and a desire to help others. When I was younger, I took my grandparents to their various medical appointments. This allowed me to witness the connections that develop between patients and their physicians, and I became increasingly interested in the medical profession. My decision to go into hematology and oncology stemmed from my desire to seek deep, long-term relationships with patients and to work in a field that is advancing rapidly. In oncology, discoveries that directly affect patients are being made all the time. I value the special relationships I form with people who have cancer and am truly grateful to be working in this field.I’m a member of several professional organizations, including the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Society of Hematology. Additionally, I have a background in HIV malignancies and served as a member of the AIDS Malignancy Consortium. At the International Conference on Malignancies in AIDS and Other Acquired Immunodeficiencies, I presented my clinical research on AIDS-associated Kaposi Sarcoma.I keep up with medical research by reading medical journals and by discussing cases and new developments with colleagues. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines, which provide the most up-to-date recommendations, are also a valuable resource.I decided to join the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group to work with oncologists and other staff whom I highly respect. I’m happy to be a member of a team that strives to deliver exceptional patient care.The diagnosis of cancer is a very difficult one to hear, and I feel that my role is to be a guide and advisor, helping patients along this journey. I strive to be patient-oriented and to treat my patients as I would a family member. I enjoy hearing about milestones in their lives (including marriages, births, and graduations) beyond the treatment of their diseases. Helping them reach and experience these milestones is very gratifying to me.

How I thrive

I try to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. My husband and kids are the most important parts of my life, and I would not be able to do what I do without their support. I enjoy cooking and baking, reading, going to the beach, and spending time with my family.