About Me

I recently moved to Colorado from Los Angeles because I love the mountains and all things outdoors. I lived here after college before all my medical training and couldn’t wait to come back. I have a wonderful husband and recently had a baby boy. I love my practice of pulmonology and enjoy taking care of patients in the medical office as well as in the hospital.

About my practice

I truly believe that the relationship between doctor and patient is a partnership where we have to listen to each other to be most successful. I hope I’m perceived by my patients as someone who listens with empathy and is truly passionate about the healing process. I also constantly try to stay up-to-date in pulmonary and critical care medicine with attendance at national conferences and reading probably way too many medical journals. I chose to practice pulmonology and critical care because I like the diversity of medical conditions I get to see on a daily basis as well as the patients I have the privilege to treat. This is a specialty where you can see and "cure" some patients quickly, while with others who have a chronic illness, you get to work together on a plan to maximize potential for improved symptoms and quality of life. It’s a specialty that treats people from all walks of life.

How I thrive

In my free time, I love to run (either trails or roads) and ride my bike as well as hike and snowboard. I’m trying to encourage my 6-month-old to do the same! Prior to becoming a mom I spent quite a bit of time in Haiti working in a hospital serving patients with HIV and related respiratory conditions. Global health is one of my passions and I’m hoping to eventually get back into it when my son is a bit older.