About Me

I grew up in rural Michigan before receiving my undergraduate degree at Ohio State University. I am often asked what it was like to move into "enemy territory" for school, but I would not have had it any other way. I decided to go into the field of mental health partway through my undergraduate career and instantly felt at home. I fell in love with the idea of helping people heal from wounds not visible to the eye, and empowering people to live their most authentic and fulfilling life. I decided to go into social work for the diversity of available career paths, and attended the University of Alabama for graduate school. Through this educational journey, I developed a rather intense love of college football and spend most fall Saturdays cheering on the Buckeyes and the Crimson Tide.

About my practice

As a therapist, I am committed to empowering members to live their most authentic life. I enjoy helping others develop strategies to manage life's daily stressors, as well as heal from past hurts and work toward future goals. I believe members are best suited for recovery when they are fully informed and empowered to make changes in their lives. I strongly believe in the connection between physical and mental health and believe everyone can benefit from being more active.

How I thrive

To "thrive" means to prosper or to flourish. In order to do either of these things, we must work to find balance in life between our responsibilities and our interests. I am a firm believer in "practice what you preach," and as such, I am constantly striving to find physical outlets for life's daily stressors. To me, thriving looks like taking time for the things I love, including running, bicycling, walking my dog, and spending time with loved ones.