About Me

The wide variety of problems and challenges within the field of plastic surgery stimulates me to continue learning and deepening my knowledge, and that’s one reason I was attracted to this specialty. I enjoy training residents, as they bring new ideas and techniques--and challenge our reasoning for why we treat as we do. I try to remain present and in the moment at all times. This allows me to focus my mental and physical energy on the task at hand and to perform more efficiently. I have read that many of us spend between 30 and 50 percent of our time not being present, and I don't think this is conducive to being an effective physician. 

About my practice

My practice mix is around 80 percent reconstructive and 20 percent cosmetic. I like to work in multiple areas but have a special interest in facial reconstruction, chest wall reconstruction, and lower extremity reconstruction. I also continue to be involved in research in plastic surgery, with an emphasis on new breast reconstruction techniques including autologous fat grafting. When I recommend treatment, I try to approach each member as I would a relative of mine. I greatly appreciate that Kaiser Permanente allows doctors to decide on a treatment based on its merits and not on its financial impact. I also appreciate my plastic surgery partners, with whom I discuss challenging cases, as we are more effective physicians when we work together to craft treatment plans for our members. 

How I thrive

For relaxation, I enjoy playing music on several instruments, venturing outdoors in the beautiful Northwest, and spending time with my family--and 4 dogs!