About Me

I hope that this Web page will serve as an introduction to me, allowing me to share some thoughts about my approach to pediatrics and the care of your child.


I was born in New Jersey, attended college and medical school in Michigan (go Blue!), and then continued west to California. I wanted to be a physician from an early age, and once in medical school I quickly determined that pediatrics was a natural fit for me. I have never regretted the choice. I am an enthusiastic runner and love the outdoors. One of my favorite possessions is a coffee mug that states: "I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up." It is my mantra.

About my practice

I treasure the opportunity to assist you in raising the happiest, healthiest, and best-adjusted child possible. I believe we should nurture our children with love and warmth and by making the healthiest choices possible. I am a strong advocate for healthy nutrition and age-appropriate education and stimulation. I work hard to explain to you and your child what I am doing, what I am suggesting, and why. I give you choices whenever possible. I love interacting with children. Their joy and enthusiasm are a constant delight.

How I thrive

I run almost daily, hike regularly, and try to backpack once a year. I have participated in the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Triathlon the last few years, finishing in the middle of my age group-don't ask. My favorite vacations involve the outdoors. I watch my diet carefully, though an occasional slice of pie or cake has been known to pass my lips.