About Me

I was born and raised in Sacramento, California as one of nine children. Both of my parents emigrated from Mexico and I speak Spanish fluently. After living in Washington State for 25 years, my lovely wife and I decided to move to Hawaii to enjoy the wonderful weather and people. My wife stays busy raising chickens for eggs and caring for our three horses, two cats and Italian mastiff dog at our home in Lanai City, which is where you’ll find me on my days off. We have five incredible children, including a son in medical school in Chicago and four children in college back in Washington. I feel truly fortunate to have such a wonderful family.

About my practice

My desire to care for and improve the health of those around me influenced my decision to pursue a career in medicine. I was attracted to family medicine because of the variety of medical problems that I have the privilege to help my patients with. I appreciate the opportunities I have to help make a real impact on lifestyle issues that influence health.My care is based on encouragement. I encourage my patients to take preventive action by eating healthy, exercising and generally taking better care of themselves. Connecting with my patients through stories about work and family helps me to educate them on the importance of prioritizing their health. I really enjoy caring for the families I see and working with my amazing colleagues within the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group.

How I thrive

I follow the same advice that I give to my patients: Eat healthy and exercise. I swim or jog almost daily and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I also enjoy hiking, sightseeing, whale watching, eating my wife’s gourmet meals, and meeting and “talking story” with the locals. But nothing beats swimming in the ocean at Manele Bay on Lanai and gliding over the colorful fish and coral below. I hang out with my wife as often as possible, either on Lanai during the weekends or here on Maui during the week. I love to watch and listen to musicians playing all kinds of music from classical and jazz to Hawaiian and rock. I’m always up for new challenges and experiences, whether it’s exploring the Lanai Hills or the ocean reefs.