About Me

I grew up in the big and wild state of Texas and enjoyed living in glorious and sunny Austin for many years before heading west. I moved to Portland in the middle of winter but have grown to love the Northwest's many offerings and am grateful to have made a home here. I completed my graduate degree in counseling psychology with a focus on families and youth at Portland State University.

About my practice

I am a certified drug and alcohol counselor and a licensed professional counselor with experience in both mental health and addiction medicine. I provide individual, group, and family counseling and am honored to be a part of our members' therapeutic journeys. I believe in our resiliency and ability to change behaviors that no longer serve us. It can be scary, but it is also life-enhancing and well worth the effort. I partner with people to help them learn stabilizing emotional and life skills, develop new perspectives and ways of thinking, and explore the benefits of mindfulness.

How I thrive

I love to cycle, walk, swim, and lift weights. I was not very athletic as a child so learning to be physical as an adult has been revolutionary and challenging. I am rejuvenated by spending time with my loved ones or reading an excellent mystery novel with a cranky old cat curled up on my lap.