About Me

Hello, my name is Dr. Ricardo Noceda.


I was born in Havana, Cuba, and my family immigrated to the United States shortly after the revolution in 1961. My family is proud to be American and Cuban. We have proudly assimilated into this great country and culture, but we’ve also held onto our cultural roots, heritage, language, and food. I speak fluent Spanish as well as English. My parents were a great influence in my choosing to become a doctor. At a young age, I was taught the profound value of helping others. That, combined with my interest in the sciences, made becoming a doctor the right choice for me. I have two wonderful, college-age children.

About my practice

I am a board-certified internist and I've been working with Kaiser Permanente for over 25 years. I practice in south Orange County at the Kaiser Permanente Aliso Viejo Medical Offices.

How I thrive

I enjoy daily exercise, time with my family, and the outdoors. I try to eat well, and enjoy trying different restaurants. I also play the guitar—both acoustic and electric.