About Me

I was born and raised in Vermont and moved to Hawaii with my husband, who is originally from Haiku, Maui. My father-in-law is the late Dr. John Withers, one of the earliest general surgeons and plantation doctors on Maui.

About my practice

I have always enjoyed science and people. It is a pleasure to be able to devote my energy to doing something I enjoy and that is so rewarding. Taking care of people is a huge responsibility and honor. Making a difference in someone else's life gives me a great sense of accomplishment. As a physician assistant I have worked in thoracic surgery, bone marrow transplant, and cardiology. Currently I am working in urgent care in the Kaiser Permanente Kihei Clinic on Maui. In addition to working for Kaiser Permanente, I enjoy volunteering in the community both locally and internationally. I like the support and sense of team that the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group provides. I connect with my patients by acknowledging the privilege and honor it is to be a part of their health care. Each individual is unique and has something to offer, whether it's fresh mangos or a story.

How I thrive

I run, surf, swim, hike, and do yoga and other sports to maintain balance. I also thrive on connecting and talking story with people in my community.