About Me

I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Upon completing my pediatrics residency on the U.S. Mainland, I was happy to return home and establish my practice in pediatric medicine.

About my practice

Growing up, I enjoyed studying all types of sciences. I originally considered a career in medical research, but was drawn to the patient side of clinical medicine. I appreciate the problem-solving aspect of practicing medicine and the daily interaction with my colleagues, and patients and their families. But most of all, I love children and knew that pediatric medicine encompasses all of my interests into one amazing career. My philosophy of care in pediatrics is on preventive health care. I strongly believe in immunizations and try to anticipate any environmental stressors that may impact the families in my care. I understand that parenting can be challenging at times, so I strive to help families as much as I can with carrying out the best care possible for their children. Sometimes that entails guiding first-time parents through preparations for their new addition. Or it might involve counseling families on how they can balance culturally traditional parenting methods with changing times and new information to enhance their child’s development. I believe in working with families, whether it is in person or over the phone, to respond to their needs and questions so that they are on the right track toward healthy futures. With my passion for prevention I have also become the physician leader for child passenger safety within Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, and I am the liaison to the state Keiki Injury Prevention Coalition (KIPC). I believe this preventive emphasis is critical for the safety of our keiki (children) here on busy Oahu and also in more rural Hawaii. The environment within the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group is very positive and collegial. There is a strong sense of teamwork not only between the physicians, but also between physicians and the medical and nursing staff. I appreciate this cooperative attitude because it helps to streamline my work and allows our members to receive the best patient care possible.

How I thrive

When I am not at work I am happiest spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy doing a lot of handwork, including stamping (card-making) and cross-stitching. I also like to travel whenever I can.