About Me

I began my medical career as a rural family doctor and worked in the Indian Health Service and in migrant and community health care before entering private practice. I practiced family medicine for 20 years until 2007, when I changed focus to palliative medicine and hospice care.

About my practice

I greatly enjoy the comprehensive team-based approach to caring for patients and families who are facing the challenges of severe illness, such as cancer or advanced heart, lung, or neurological disease. As a team, we are able to provide care that addresses physical symptoms as well as emotional and spiritual needs. My focus is always on the relief of pain and suffering so that my patients can enjoy life to the greatest extent possible. The palliative care team and I are also able to help people navigate difficult medical decisions so they can achieve their goals despite illness and loss.

How I thrive

I spend as much time as possible outdoors, hiking, backpacking, cycling, and cross-country skiing. I have a great interest in all aspects of ecology and in the conservation of our Pacific Northwest treasures.