About Me

I was born and raised in Utah and discovered in my youth that caring for other people is my true passion. As a teenager, I worked as an emergency medical technician, and when I transported patients to the emergency department I was intrigued and inspired by the knowledge and work of physicians and other providers. I chose to pursue the field of anesthesia after having a procedure of my own and being fascinated by the miracle of anesthesia. I love being able to alleviate pain and provide comfort to those in need of surgical procedures.

About my practice

I approach anesthesia with the patient’s care in mind. I stay informed of best practices and groundbreaking techniques that might better serve the members I care for. I have a keen interest in obstetric anesthesia and enjoy working with women needing analgesia during labor. I have had the opportunity to practice in both rural and urban environments. I enjoy working with Kaiser Permanente because of the wide network of allied providers. The cohesive team approach leads to excellent care for patients — my ultimate goal.

How I thrive

I enjoy gardening and appreciate the beautiful weather of the Portland area, which allows many unique plants to thrive. I exercise with a daily bike ride. I volunteer with homeless advocacy groups to assist those who are experiencing problems with their daily lives. And I enjoy restoring classic Japanese vehicles, listening to good jazz, woodworking, and traveling.