About Me

Thank you visiting my Web page! I hope you find it informative, so let's start by telling you a little about myself. First and foremost, I am grateful to call Kaiser Permanente my home, mainly because to me it is more than just "work."


At the young age of 2, I accompanied my loving and wonderful parents from China to the place I now call home. I obtained my undergraduate degree in biochemistry/cell biology from UC San Diego. Subsequently, I obtained my doctorate degree in optometry.

About my practice

In my practice, I am licensed to treat members with glaucoma and have full therapeutic privileges for prescribing medications. I also fit contact lenses, which I am passionate about. Each day, I have the amazing opportunity to work alongside colleagues whom I call friends and members whom I enjoy helping. Likewise, I look forward to and am genuinely excited in contributing to the overall improvement of your health.

How I thrive

Living a healthy lifestyle is an essential part of my life. Through the years, I have developed a passion for cooking and baking. Beyond my passion for food, I enjoy running, working out, and hiking the myriad trails in San Diego. In my spare time, I also enjoy traveling and exploring all the hidden, amazing, and majestic places that San Diego has to offer.