About Me

I am a Minnesota native, born and raised in the Twin-Cities area, where I also completed my education and training. Given my roots, I am well adapted to the cold and am skilled at driving in the snow and ice. I decided to pursue a career in medicine in high school. After earning my emergency medical technician certification, I knew that emergency medicine was the best fit for me — the active engagement, teamwork, and daily problem-solving are a great fit for my interests and skills. I love sports, especially football and hockey. My wife and I are avid travelers, with a particular interest in camping and in international travel. My most medically relevant trip to date was to Zambia, Africa, where I spent the summer working at a rural village hospital.

About my practice

I chose to practice emergency medicine because I enjoy working with a variety of people with diverse medical issues. I like working with all body systems, and I love that emergency medicine involves both the application of medical knowledge and the practical and hands-on skill set. I like to problem-solve and see results, which also makes emergency medicine a great fit for me. Teamwork and team sports are a particular interest of mine, and I enjoy that Kaiser Permanente also allows me the privilege of working and communicating with a team of providers.

How I thrive

I am an active person — those who know me well would say I struggle to sit still. I have interests and activities to suit all seasons. In the summer, I play football, run, bike, canoe, camp, and hike. In the winter, I enjoy playing hockey and snowboarding. My faith keeps me spiritually grounded. My wife shares my many interests, and her companionship makes everything more fun. I prioritize travel and have a particular interest in traveling abroad, which enriches my life and understanding, challenges and broadens my perspectives, and allows me to better appreciate my own and others’ cultures and ways of life.