About Me

My medical training took me away from Colorado for more than 10 years and it's wonderful to be back taking care of patients and families facing the challenges brought on by serious illness. I have a unique skill set when it comes to listening and communicating with patients about difficult subjects. It has been wonderful to find such a good fit, both with Palliative/Supportive Care and with Kaiser Permanente.

About my practice

Palliative care is a very special corner of medicine where we get to look at the big picture and help patients prioritize what is going to be most important to them in the time they have remaining, however long that may be. We often see patients who have been on a rocky course with multiple setbacks and hopefully create a safe space for some recovery and resilience. I listen and seek to understand my patients’ questions and concerns. I'm not afraid to candidly tell my patients what I think based on my understanding of the options they are weighing. I work as a team with our specialists, pharmacists and others to coordinate my patients’ care.

How I thrive

I'm a collector of recipes and hoping to become a better cook—one of those people who can throw together something decent from odds and ends found in the pantry/refrigerator. I enjoy watching Chopped to learn about new ingredients.