About Me

I was born and raised in Denver. When I was a young child I required surgery and a nurse in the operating room made such a positive and lasting impression on me that it resulted in my wanting to be a nurse when I grew up. I attended both undergraduate and graduate school at the University of Colorado where I received my Bachelors of Science, Masters of Science in nursing and completed the nurse practitioner program. I am board certified as a pediatric nurse practitioner. I am a very proud mother of two adult sons who serve our country in the United States Air Force in Special Operations as combat controllers. I now have five healthy grandchildren: four wonderful grandsons and a beautiful granddaughter.

About my practice

In 1977, I joined Kaiser Permanente Colorado as a pediatric nurse practitioner at the Lakewood clinic where I enjoyed the challenge of caring for the pediatric population. After 31 years as a pediatric provider at Lakewood, I transferred to the Perinatal Hospital and Home Care (PHHC) department where I expanded my knowledge and experience with mothers and newborns in the perinatal period. I became an international board certified lactation consultant. As a consultant, I am better qualified to help new mothers and their newborns succeed with breast feeding.

How I thrive

I have volunteered for seven years in a pediatric clinic for underprivileged children in Mante, Mexico that has been sponsored by the Boulder Community Hospital. Working in a third-world country opened my eyes as to how lucky I am to be a Kaiser Permanente Colorado employee in this great organization that provides preventive health care, anticipatory guidance and outstanding health care from birth through the elderly population. I thrive by spending time with my family and friends. I have enjoyed downhill skiing but now my passion is Argentine tango and ballroom dancing. I also still participate in bike riding which was a shared experience with my sons as children.