About Me

I grew up in Westminster, Colorado, prior to embarking on my education path. I received a degree in biomedical engineering at Vanderbilt University and my medical degree at Oklahoma State University. After completing my family medicine residency in Michigan, I opened a private practice in Winchester, Tennessee, where I enjoyed serving as a rural physician for five years. I then worked in a small private group practice in Central Texas. In 2013 I had the opportunity to relocate my family to Colorado and join the Colorado Permanente Medical Group.

About my practice

I take a true patient-doctor team approach to health care. I believe in guiding your health care by providing choices in treatment options, especially those backed by sound medical evidence. I believe in the "wholeness" of the body, comprised of body, mind, and spirit—each part affecting the others. I look forward to fostering trust by getting to know each patient and working continually as a patient advocate.

How I thrive

I am driven by my faith, family and friends. My beautiful, loving wife and I have been blessed with four awe-inspiring children, who make me smile at every turn. I enjoy all competitive sports with a special interest in ice hockey and lacrosse. Pursuing physical fitness and having an active lifestyle are important to me and my family, which is one of the main reasons my family calls Colorado home.