About Me

I was raised in Southern California. After spending the first two years of medical school at Mount Sinai in New York, I came back to California and finished my degree at UCLA. I wanted to stay near the ocean after medical school, and had the good fortune to complete my orthopedic training in Honolulu. After my training, I was happy to move to Maui, where my family and I enjoy the ocean, mountains, and the relaxed rural life style. My father and grandfather were both urologists, and I think the family history inspired me to go into medicine. My father in particular was someone who guided by example and always did his best to help others. Now I am inspired by watching my three children grow up and follow their own path toward achieving their goals.

About my practice

I always wanted to be the kind of doctor you went to when you were hurt, not the kind you went to when you were sick. There is a lot more to orthopedics than trauma care but what unites orthopedic surgeons is that we help people be active. What I enjoy the most about my practice is helping patients return to the activities they enjoy.I am Section Chief of Orthopedics on Maui. I did a fellowship in Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine, and I return every year to help teach arthroscopy at the annual meeting in California. I am a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the Hawaii Orthopedic Association. Community activities take up some of my free time. I have had a role in supporting the Pacific Cancer Foundation on Maui, and can sometimes be seen running the Kalama Park skating rink on Public Skate night. I also help out at my children’s schools.

How I thrive

For exercise, I enjoy hiking, sailing, and occasional surfing or bodyboarding. Running and swimming also help keep me fit. Whether it's surfing or camping or just walking the dog, I love doing outdoor activities with my family. I also enjoy working in my small orchard and garden at home and dabbling in woodworking.