About Me

I am a board-certified plastic surgeon, not primarily a hand surgeon. I operate on the face, neck, breasts, abdomen, hands and legs for a wide variety of complicated conditions. I have been a plastic surgeon since 1982 and am one of the senior members of our department. I have been practicing at Kaiser Permanente since 1989 and have been a partner since 1991.


I grew up In Baltimore. I am the third-generation in my family to be a physician. I love plastic surgery because I can improve form and function rather than just cut out disease.

About my practice

I direct the team that specializes in nerve reconstruction of facial palsy, brachial plexus palsy and peroneal nerve palsy (one of only six teams in the world that do this). In addition, I do a large number of endoscopic carpal tunnel releases each year for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. I am one of four plastic surgeons in our department that performs breast reconstruction after mastectomy and I am one of three surgeons in the department that performs endoscopic brow surgery, which is often combined with eyelid surgery. I will occasionally do cosmetic surgery, but my practice is heavily weighted to reconstructive surgery. I run a BOTOX® clinic each month for cosmetic and functional facial sculpturing.

How I thrive

My hobbies include skiing, golfing, sailing, scuba diving, and reading. I'm an avid fan of theater and a supporter of new plays. I'm interested in biological diversity and clean coal technology. I attend a men's Bible study.