About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page! My last name is pronounced Di-CAN. I look forward to meeting your family and partnering with you in taking care of your precious child.


I started my journey at Kaiser Permanente Zion Medical Center, where I was born! I am a San Diego native, and I'm happy to be back home to practice medicine at Kaiser Permanente. I've wanted to be a pediatrician since at least high school, though my mom will say even longer. I studied at Westmont College in sunny Santa Barbara, then moved to the cold East coast for medical school at Albany Medical College. I then trained in the heat at Phoenix Children's Hospital before finally making it back to perfect San Diego! My husband and I have one son and one French bulldog! We enjoy spending time together at all the fabulous outdoor activities San Diego has to offer. Most weekends we can be found at the bay, the Zoo, Balboa Park, or just out exploring walking or biking around our neighborhood.

About my practice

I want to partner with you in your child's care! If you're a teen, then I want to encourage you to start taking ownership over your health. I believe that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," so I want to help your child and family make steps to stay healthy, which in my practice includes getting all the recommended vaccines, eating those fruits and veggies, and staying active so the entire family can thrive. I want to get to know your child and family story so where they're sick you'll trust me and we'll be able to work together to provide your kid with the best care possible! I encourage you to register at kp.org so you can email me questions as well.

How I thrive

I try to maintain a good balance between work and play. I enjoy yoga, walks to the park with my son and dog, and taking my beach cruiser for a ride around the bay or around our neighborhood. My family and I try to incorporate being fit and active into our daily and weekend activities so it never feels like work, but is it always fun!