About Me

Hi! My name is Dr. Fernando Fan, and I am a pediatrician who speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. I also speak English! Thank you for taking a moment to learn a bit about me to see if I am the right physician to help you raise a healthy and happy child.


Globetrotting was a normal part of my childhood: I have lived in Taiwan, Bolivia, Miami, and Los Angeles. This helped me learn to not only accept and cherish my own culture but to be curious and open to other cultures and experiences. I love to meet new people and find out more about them. I became a doctor to be able to help others. I chose pediatrics because kids make me laugh and appreciate new wonders.

About my practice

Being a pediatrician is how I do my small part to help ensure that children today grow up to be healthy and productive leaders tomorrow. I emphasize diagnostic and treatment plans or preventive health measures that are based on sound scientific evidence, meaning that they are proven to be of benefit to children. Additionally, I can openly and honestly discuss alternative options. I feel comfortable negotiating treatment plans with parents as long as we keep the best interest of their child as the focus.

How I thrive

I believe that laughter will add years to life. I love to find humor and happiness in life. I love spending time with my own kids, who always put a smile on my face. The children I interact with daily in my practice help to keep me young at heart. To stay physically fit, I play with my two boys. We play ball, bike, kayak, swim, and do exercises. I try very hard to serve fruits as dessert—I have a son who hates veggies. I try to incorporate veggies in different ways into our diet. We drink mostly water and milk. We do sodas or juices about once or twice a week.