About Me

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and after work and education stints that took me to upstate New York, Tanzania, India, New Zealand, and Laos, among other places, I am happy to be back practicing medicine in this region. In addition to an interest in travel, global health, and medical anthropology (which helped get me into medicine), I am a fan of athletics and outdoor activity of all types. I am an avid runner and particularly enjoy soccer, rugby, and track and field. I am married to a veterinarian and have three children in the form of one daughter and two dogs.

About my practice

I am board-certified in internal medicine and have completed a primary care sports medicine fellowship; my practice is divided evenly between those areas. My time working in public health fueled my interest in trying to work as far "upstream" in medicine as possible, and so I chose primary care. I enjoy helping patients maximize their good health, working through illness or injury. My affinity for athletics, outdoor recreation, and musculoskeletal medicine led me to sports medicine. I utilize ultrasound for diagnostic purposes and guided injections of joints and soft tissue.

How I thrive

The adage that you cannot take care of others until you take care of yourself is certainly true for me. I am committed to taking care of myself as well as I can, so that I can take care of others as well as possible. Running, hiking, spending time outdoors and with small groups of family and friends form the foundation of activity outside of work that keeps me grounded and balanced. I also enjoy a good West Coast-style IPA on occasion!