About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am happy to introduce myself, and share a bit about my practice. I have been a pediatrician since 1985, and am very happy to practice at Kaiser Permanente. I look forward to meeting you.


My life has been quite a journey. I was born in Venezuela, and moved to the United States when I was five years old. I grew up in Owensboro, Kentucky, and lived there until I attended the University of Notre Dame. I live and breathe Notre Dame sports – especially football. I attended medical school at the University of Kentucky, and completed my residency training in pediatrics in Portland, Oregon. I remained in Oregon, as an inpatient pediatrician until 2003, when I moved to the Palm Springs area. I was in private practice until I joined Kaiser Permanente in 2006.

About my practice

I am a strong believer in disease prevention – especially immunization for children. I am excited to be with Kaiser Permanente because it is a health system that promotes evidence-based medicine backed by the most current science. I am also very happy to have supportive, well-trained colleagues to help me provide the best possible care for my members. For my Spanish-speaking members, I am continually trying to improve my vocabulary and grammar skills.

How I thrive

I have made a renewed commitment to exercising daily, be it walking, using the aerobic equipment at my local gym, or lifting weights. Reading, tending my garden, and doing crossword puzzles help nurture my emotional and intellectual wellbeing. I love to travel, and to entertain friends at home.