About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I’m happy to have this chance to introduce myself to you and tell you about my practice. I enjoy working at Kaiser Permanente with each individual member as well as my dedicated colleagues. I look forward to working with you to care for your health—mind, body, and spirit. I look forward to assisting you in your journey.


I’m originally from a small town in Idaho. I decided to become a doctor when I was 11 years old—shortly after an accident that almost ended my life. I made a full recovery, with the care of the doctors and nurses who treated me, and I decided at that point to try and help others as I was helped. Before starting medical school, I served as a volunteer in Bolivia for over two years. While in Bolivia, I worked as a high school teacher and became fluent in Spanish. I also met my wife—another volunteer from San Diego. We have four children and love living here in San Diego. Before joining Kaiser Permanente, I worked at the San Ysidro Health Center's Otay Family Health Center. During those years I participated in the National Health Service Corps.

About my practice

I’m a family physician who enjoys taking care of babies, children, teens, and adults. I’m also an osteopathic physician (DO), and have a special interest in the musculoskeletal system. I believe that healthy living and preventive care are the best ways to stay healthy, but I’m also here to help you when you’re sick. I want to be your partner in health, and I strive to provide high-quality care. I work with my members to ensure they’re actively involved in the process. I feel very honored that members have entrusted me with their health care and, for my part, I will strive to treat them as I would my own family.

How I thrive

I believe that everything in life needs balance—work and play, food and drink, physical and spiritual. My family and I take full advantage of living in the San Diego area. We spend our free time boogie boarding at the beach, hiking in the local mountains, or having picnics in Balboa Park. I also enjoy international travel, playing tennis, and reading.