About Me

I have always been interested in science. Growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia I loved watching the sea life and ecology. From there I moved to upstate New York for my undergraduate degree and have been in the United States ever since. I moved to Boston for medical school (Tufts University), where I spent time working in women's health as well as running a health clinic for the underserved population. I discovered Portland when interviewing for my internal medicine residency, which I completed at Oregon Health & Science University. I might be a Canadian, but I am here to stay!

About my practice

Staying healthy takes work, but can be fun as well. My belief is to work hard on preventive, proactive medicine to reduce chronic illness burden. I also believe that every patient is an individual with their own story. I have always been interested in primary care as I love to learn about my patients' stories and to work together to help them feel better.

How I thrive

Thriving for me includes staying mentally grounded and physically active. It includes daily physical activity such as skiing, sailing, hiking or just a walk in the fresh air during lunch. Taking time to prepare meals with my family, friends and pets keeps my mind in the right place and ready to go.