About Me

Hi. Welcome. I hope through using these pages you can find a personal physician with whom you can form a great relationship—the first step towards achieving or maintaining good health! I’m happy to have this chance to introduce myself to you.


I was born and raised in Southern California. I have a wonderful husband, three children, and a multitude of pets. I spent much of my childhood having contact in some form with the medical field, either due to personal illnesses or in taking care of my grandmother, who became ill in her later years. Those experiences became the foundation of my commitment to helping people navigate the health care system and serving as a resource and guide in the medical decision-making process.

About my practice

Every person has their own unique set of life experiences and circumstances that influence who they are and how they approach life, health, and being well. Every single patient I see gives me the opportunity to learn something about life and about myself. My commitment as a physician is to use my knowledge and skills to help my patients understand their options and to make choices that best suit their individual needs. I strive to partner with my patients in their decision-making processes and then explore those options together.

How I thrive

Being the mother of three children, I spend most of my time outside of work at various activities with my kids. My husband and I (along with my oldest son) also take ballroom dancing lessons as a way to reconnect on a weekly basis. My hobbies, which I do whenever I have the opportunity, include knitting, crocheting, handcrafts, and reading.