About Me

I am from Los Angeles, California, and moved to Colorado to raise my family. I have two grown sons. I love helping people and find it very rewarding to help patients heal. Living and working in different parts of the country has allowed me to see that people are good all over and we all want very similar things in life. I like to improve people’s lives. If they are hurting and I can fix them, then I have made a difference in our society.

About my practice

I feel that the more the patient understands their problem, the better they will feel about the course of treatment and the options that they have for their care. I spend extra time to instill knowledge to my patients. I listen and strive to address their questions and concerns, so we can ensure they receive the most appropriate care. My main focuses are adult sports knee and shoulder problems, and total knee and shoulder replacements.

How I thrive

Being outdoors is vital to my happiness. I also like to explore new areas and countries. I love time alone outside exercising, especially in the early morning.