About Me

I am a native of Seattle, Washington and completed my undergraduate, medical school and residency training there at the University of Washington. After my residency training, my husband and I moved to Bend, Oregon where I was a pathologist in a small private practice for four years. We relocated to Portland in 2009 to work at Kaiser Permanente. We enjoy the city of Portland and the outdoor opportunities nearby with our young son. Being a physician has been and continues to be a very rewarding profession. I always wanted to help people and I believe that my work makes a difference in the world.

About my practice

I am a pathologist in a group of 17 pathologists at Kaiser Permanente Northwest. Our group is made up of pathologists with experience in general pathology as well as expertise and interest in certain areas. My areas of expertise and interest include gastrointestinal pathology, hematopathology and neuropathology. As a pathologist, I rotate at different sites within the Kaiser Permanente system, where I examine slides of the tissue from patients, and make diagnoses for a variety of conditions/disorders. I also provide rapid diagnoses during surgical procedures and perform autopsies. At Kaiser Permanente, we perform and interpret flow cytometry on peripheral blood, tissue and bone marrow specimens, which help in making diagnoses. We also have many special immunohistochemical stains that allow us to make diagnoses.

How I thrive

My work is an important part of my life and I thrive by working hard and providing accurate and thorough reports for clinicians and patients. I also enjoy spending time with my family, including going on long walks, canoeing and cross country skiing. In my free time, I also enjoy reading and traveling.