About Me

I was born in Hefei, China. My family moved to Heidelberg, Germany when I was three years old and then to London, England when I was six. Despite moving, I’ve been able to maintain my fluency in Mandarin Chinese. I went to Imperial College London for my Master of Chemistry, University College London Medical School for my medical degree, and the Whittington Hospital and Watford General Hospital in London for my Foundation Program internship.

Both of my parents are dedicated scientists who traveled the world to pursue their research goals. They instilled in me a love of science and taught me that hard work and sacrifice are required to become great at what you do.

About my practice

Medicine has allowed me to combine my passion for science with my desire to serve my community. Throughout my medical and graduate training, I was drawn to primary care and specifically internal medicine because of the rewarding long-term patient relationships this specialty allows. Medical education is another of my professional interests.

I presented my master's degree thesis on targeted drug therapy for tumors at the Science, Engineering, and Technology Student of the Year Award conference, and I co-authored a paper on bunion surgery that was published in the journal Foot and Ankle Surgery.

Medicine is an evolving field that requires lifelong learning. To keep up with current medical research, I read professional journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine and the British Medical Journal (now known as BMJ). I also participate in continuing medical education programs and periodically evaluate my own performance to see how I can improve.

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii offers an outstanding primary care and outpatient-focused internal medicine residency program. The doctors here are clearly supportive of each other and take pride in the work they do. It’s a pleasure to be part of such a team.

The most rewarding aspect of medicine for me is building trusting, long-term relationships with my patients and achieving positive results for them in their times of need. To be able to do this requires not only that I possess the necessary medical knowledge, but also that I fully understand their beliefs, concerns, and expectations.

How I thrive

In order to stay fit physically and emotionally, I spend quality time with my family and friends, try to eat a healthy diet, work out at the gym, play tennis, and go hiking and surfing. The wonderful people and beautiful environment of Hawaii inspire me to be a better person.